Amir Speech

In the name of Almighty Allah, the most beneficent the most merciful, The master minder, the master planner, the omniscience, the omnipotent, the omnipresence, the maintenance of heaven and earth, the exhilarator who exhilarated you and I from a nasty liquid to Him belong the whole power. I thank Him, I praise Him, I glorify Him for His enormous help He...has been shower on each and every one of us. May He continue His blessing on the noble and seal of all prophets, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) His followers, His family and whomever that follow his foot-step till the day of accountability. (Amin).
It is of no doubt that if really we don’t want to continue to be wallowing in the welfare stagnation of mediocrity that involve stagnation of today and hopeless depression of tomorrow, we need to really make use of modern system that are not forbidden by Allah and His prophet in order to remain relevant in the system.
In this regards, it is my pleasure to welcome you to this classic website “MSSN OYO STATE AREA UNIT”. This is the home of intellectuals and pious Muslims who are enthusiastic to seeking beneficial knowledge without antagonizing their fundamental roles to their CREATOR. Indeed, Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria (MSSN) Oyo State Area Unit is a universal set that encompasses of different subset. The unit is the umbrella in the state that has three area offices under it (Oke-Ogun area office, Oyo Ogbomosho area office, Ibadan Ibarapa area office) .Also sixteen area council under area offices. It also has different branches like higher institution branches, central branches and secondary school branches. The detail can be peruse in the site domain.

It is our goal to bring all Muslim Students into a common union, instilling the pristine Islamic creed in them via effective dawah,, establishing good brotherhood, encouraging goodness and forbidding evils, voicing for the voiceless and helping the helpless towards establishing justice in this corrupted micro world where immorality and juvenile delinquency are seemingly at their utmost prevalence irrespective of their race, tribe, cultural background, affiliations, lifestyle etc.

I hope in Him that this website would serve as a catalyst to achieve the aim and objective of this society and yardstick to bring us together for effective dawah.

I wish you a successful peruse through our programmes, projects, downloads and others as tailored to serve you better in this website. May Almighty Allah steadfast our feet in this union as we assist ourselves in pleasing our Lord, the owner of our dearest soul and to Him we shall definitely return.

Our Coverage

The arm of the society in MSSN OYO State Area Unit (MSSNOYAU) has been in the forefront of achieving this lofty objective. It has members (and organizes training and development programmes) in all higher institutions in the state.


  • University of Ibadan
  • Lautech


  • The Ibadan Poly
  • The Ibarapa Poly

College of Edu.

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Technical Schools

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Secondary Schools

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The following are the projects embacked upon by the Area Unit, It is a long and short term projects and your donations is highly welcome to move the Ummah forwards.

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